New You Rejuvenation Med Spa - "Enhancing your outer beauty while maximizing your inner glow"
We are exposed daily to stressors, toxins, chemicals and many different metal residues. Allowing us to treat you  with our detox  foot spa you will not only see the waste come out of your body immediately, but you will notice a more enhanced feeling of well being within yourself.
With all the new technology and changes in our world, we encounter these toxins at a much faster and rapid pace then ever before. With this being said, there are many more instances of allergies, more frequent acne break-outs, and more and more body aches and pains. This treatment pulls these toxins out from the bottom of your feet in a single 20 minute session.
This treatment can benefit anyone who suffers from allergies, arthritis, pimples, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson's disease, high blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis, sleep apnea, even someone who simply feels tired too often, and much more. Discuss your symptoms with a professional at New You Rejuvenation Med Spa.
The benefits are, but not limited to:
-helps clear up bad skin
-increases oxygen levels
-increases energy levels
-improved sleep
-removal of waste products
-rejuvenates the entire body
-reduces inflammation in joints
-allergy relief
Most people feel an immediate sense of an overall well-being after a single session. People also note a relief with yearly colds and flus, especially around flu seasons. This detoxifying agent aides in stimulating our immune system which aids in blocking these yearly bugs that love to attack.
Although many people notice some immediate relief, this treatment is not intended to heal or cure a disease or condition one may have.